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Can it be used for one whole day?

Yes, these pads are super absorbent and each regular pad can hold upto 40 ml of blood and the overnight pad can hold upto 60 ml of blood. On average, we bleed just about 20 ml a day but never forget the thumb rule with any period products; keep a check every 4-5 hours

Which size to use?

It depends on your flow. To know the right size we recommend you try out these pads first. However, we would suggest that for heavy flow you can use the overnight variant, and for light to medium flow regular works the best.

How many sizes are available?

It's available in two sizes: Regular (280mm) and Overnight (320mm)

Infections or any other risks?

Most disposable pads have chemicals and pesticides in them, which causes irritation to the skin ultimately leading to rashes and infections. Compared to that, Pixie for her pads actually pose fewer risks for allergies and infections.

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